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Earlier this year at the track I had a little bit of bad luck and dropped a valve on my last high compression 441 CI engine. Apparently there have been a lot of issues with the stock LS7 valve guides having excessive wear in them, even with lower mileage cars. some of the LS7 heads that have been removed for porting with only 5000 miles on them are showing a lot of valve wobble in the guide. When the valve head broke off on my engine, the damage was too bad to find out exactly what happened, but I am assuming it was from excessive guide wear also. The dropped/broken valve pretty much destroyed everything, but luckily my block was still good.

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Project Ricky Bobby

So enough playing around and I guess it’s time to update this thing. The stock exhaust manifold was supposed to be reused with the IPS Turbo kit but I choose to run the all-pro 6 bolt heads. This created a problem because the stock manifolds do not clear the extra 6’th bolt on the heads. This mean either an aftermarket set of headers or a custom one off. Running a aftermarket set could lead us to the same problem we are in now as they are mostly designed for a 4 bolt head and not been tested on the 6 bolt setup. So a custom set was in order. I worked with Justin at JMB to fab up a set quickly as I was getting short with my patience. Justin, CBI, and I had several conversations about the size of primary I should run. I of course wanted the largest primary I would manage but both CBI and Justin advised against it. Their argument was that it is not just about volume with turbos but it is also about velocity. They strongly recommended 1 ¾” primary’s with the Tial hot side. A few days later these were ceramic coated and ready to go.

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About us

Hey Guys/Gals,

First, I wanted to thank STLSR for the opportunity to sponsor the forum. It has been talked about for a while now, but timing wasn't right for me personally until now. I know most of the members on here and the other forums, but for those of you that don't know me, here's a little background on me...

Cars, trucks, and ATV's have been my hobby and passion pretty much all my life. I fiddled around with my own stuff early on, and started working on others' cars when I was 17 or so for some extra money. Word got around and I stayed pretty busy working through school and all that. When I bought my house 10 years ago, I built a garage and started getting more serious into the car scene (and working on them), while working a full-time job in my field of study as an Automation Engineer/Electrician. In the past few years I have been continually expanding, getting more and more customers. Most of the work I do is local, but for the past couple of years I have also been doing quite a bit of work for people out of state, mostly referred to me by word of mouth or my involvement with national forums like the Corvette and Gen5 Camaro forums.

Anyway, COOL STORY BRO, I know. I don't have checkered floors or a fancy shop, but I have always done the best work possible for a good price. I'm active in the car scene, and always easy to get a hold of to talk about questions you have, or anything you may need. I specialize in GM LSx performance, but have worked on most others as well. I can do, or get done nearly anything you may need for your performance vehicle....whether it be engine builds, cam swaps, head/throttle body porting, custom exhaust, supercharger/turbo/nitrous kits, gear swaps, clutches, transmission builds, Lift kits, or just general maintenance.

I'll be posting some of the builds I have going on, pictures, videos, info, and how-to's as they come along. You can check out my YouTube videos for some of the vehicles I have worked on at

If you guys have any questions, ask away. I'm on here all the time...Facebook CBI Streetcars, LLC, PM, call, sext (preferred), text, whatever is easiest

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